02/2018 President’s Message

Hello to all IAATI UK members and members globally, welcome to my second 6 monthly newsletter.

We have seen a continued increase in vehicle crime which threatens our daily lives, either impacting directly or indirectly. By continuing to work together spreading knowledge of the issues that we are up against and creating effective solutions to combat these issues as we have done so in the past.Statistics reveal that the numbers of reported vehicle thefts have not been so high since the turn of the century.

Vehicle crime has changed since the 1990s, today’s vehicle thief will target specific vehicles, often stealing them to order. The vehicles are then either shipped abroad in containers for cash or contraband goods. Or they are taken to chop shops, where they are dismantled for parts, which are then sold in a booming black market. The powered two wheelers theft ranges from scooters, motorcycles to ATV’s and creates and even greater theft static also with scooters going on to be used in other more immediate theft light phone and hand bag snatching the picture starts to look bleaker still.

Research confirms that theft methods have moved with the times too. The so-called “electronic compromise” has given rise to brand new and devastatingly effective tools and techniques for stealing vehicles. The electronic compromise can best be described as the removal of the layered approach to vehicle security. An electronic fob with an immobiliser chip, attached to a mechanical key, would be three layers of security, for example. Almost all current vehicles require only the electronic fob or proximity key to gain access and start the engine –  for more, click here

The UK Motorcycle problem.

Here are three interesting articles about combating the UK motorcycle crime problem.

These are a follow up to the presentations given at our 2017 National Vehicle Crime Conference:

 A reduction in moped-related crimes across London has been achieved after a crackdown by the Metropolitan Police that includes the use of SelectaDNA Tagging Spray to mark offenders.

 A unique DNA spray is being trialled by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to ‘tag’ criminals who officers can’t immediately catch.

London’s Metropolitan Police and BMW have collaborated to produce a bike ‘designed to bash moped offenders off the streets.’

All were displayed at the London Motorcycle Show this weekend at Excel.

  • Articles provided by IAATI UK Director Simon Ashton.

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