2017 1st Newsletter

A (few?) words from our President … to read the full pdf newsletter click here

Happy New Year folks, I hope you and yours had a fabulous one. Would be good this-end also if it wasn’t for ‘Criminals Do Christmas’ also and vehicle crime/vehicle enabled crime appears ‘off the charts’ from all I’ve seen over the last couple of months. Clones, Disqualified Drivers, Stolen through burglary (likely not featuring in stolen vehicle stats), frosting cases, stolen through Fraud, Escrow Scam Fraud involving vehicles offered for sale.

The Bike and Scooter issues have not been lost on me in 2016. Someone killed over a £2K scooter? Same with classics being nicked, 5 Ford Cortina’s in about a month nicked if I recall? Plant and construction equipment also seeing issues, high value, highly usable vehicles in other areas of the globe. Have to say how much police time is spent on pulling uninsured/ disqualified/ death trap and or stolen vehicle in the UK also? I do not envy any law enforcement for trying to catch internet/ tech-savvy criminals, with aliases, using vehicles in all manner of other crime these days. Unfortunately too many utilise vehicles in all other crimes globally. Vehicles, the enabler…

Vehicles – The Common Denominator; I would offer again that the UK offers some of the highest specification vehicles in the world. The UK also houses some of the most stringent security protocols expected for vehicles sold here. For these reasons alone the UK will always be a target for vehicle crime and whatever crimes thereafter purposes

Editor note … the newsletter follows … bear with me*.

*do not ask our president (a wannbe Leo Tolstoy?) to write a newsletter – I’m arranging more web space to accommodate sermon circular.

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