Conference 2018

IAATI UK National Vehicle Crime Seminar 6th – 7th June 2018 at the Holywell Park Conference Centre,  Loughborough.

Hear from speakers (Subject to change) from the following industries in regard of vehicle crime:


  • National Vehicle Crime Police Perspective
  • The Perspective from the Insurance ombudsman (Theft/Fraud)
  • Fleet crime (BVRLA)
  • Cybercrime (EP90)
  • OEM perspective
  • HGV crime (RHA)
  • Motorcycle crime (MCIA)
  • Connected vehicles

Full details now available here – AGENDA

Book your place at the National Vehicle Crime Conference – 2018

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) UK Branch will be hosting our 2018 National Vehicle Crime Conference from June 6th through June 7th, 2018. This year’s venue is on the grounds of Loughborough University. This will be a full 2 day seminar of interactive sessions on auto theft related topics. We are writing to you as we would like you to have the opportunity of joining us as a supporter and/or delegate of this event.

The UK branch has a healthy membership of delegates attending from throughout the UK and Europe. We are a member of the International association that commands a current roster consists of approximately 3,604 members who represent over 60 different countries. Our membership is tasked with the investigation of vehicle theft and its kindred crimes that often include financial fraud and insurance fraud. Interestingly, auto theft is often a precursor to violent crimes such as burglary, robbery, assault and murder.

IAATI recognizes the necessity of public and private sector cooperation. As such, our membership includes law enforcement, automobile manufacturers, car rental companies, insurance investigators, UK government agencies and a strong representation of the commercial and private sectors who are all stakeholders within the auto industry.

We are committed to developing and maintaining the highest professional standards by providing our members with high quality, state of the art training which allows our membership to stay up-to-date with current trends and methods. As our name suggests, we promote a global approach to the deterrence and investigation of auto theft and its related crimes.

IAATI places a strong value on integrity, commitment, professionalism and collaboration. These values extend to our committed supporters and vendors, as we recognize that you are essential to our efforts to continually provide quality training that ultimately benefits the public and private sectors, as well as the communities that we represent and serve; therefore, it is imperative that we not only cultivate but also forge lasting partnerships to support our ongoing training efforts.

On behalf of our Seminar Committee, as well as our entire Board of Directors, we are requesting your consideration for a supporters package for the 2018 conference.  In doing so, you will greatly assist us in our endeavors to continually provide essential training to our membership.

Support can come in many different forms. Monetary donations often prove to be easiest for the donor and IAATI; however, other donations are very much needed and appreciated. Feel free to contact the writer to discuss should you have any ideas you would like to put forward.

For the Supporters Package and Registration form for additional information:click here 


Paul Harrison

IAATI UK Vice President  Phone: +447710316558

Package Options:

Gold Silver Bronze
Package Costs (£ GBP) £5,000 £2,500 £1,250
General Advertising/Promotional Benefits
Use of IAATI Logo on your letterhead as a proud supporter. Yes
Two email blast to the entire membership sent by IAATI UK on your behalf Yes
Your logo on one of the following items: (One supporter per item Yes
·        Option 1: Conference name tag
·        Option 2: Conference Lanyard
·        Option 3: Conference bag
·        Agreed Conference memorabilia if above options are taken.
Seminar Awards Dinner Supporter (Welcome and 2 Minutes welcome to delegates) Yes
Your advertising banners displayed at dinner.
Program supporters: Yes
Your advertising banners displayed in seminar room. NEW
Morning and Afternoon Tea Supporter. You will be allocated one tea break to have a few words welcoming the delegates. NEW Yes
Access and use of your own Board room for the  duration of the seminar for business meetings, small presentations to invited delegates and general networking opportunities: NEW Yes
Opportunity to present a 20 minute case study on your brand. Yes Yes
Lunch supporter (Advertising banners allowed during the lunch break x 2 days) NEW Yes Yes
One free standing banner supplied by you can be displayed in the venue foyer near the registration area/entry or hallways.(Standard pop up banner) NEW Yes Yes
Logo and contact information published in seminar handbook Yes Yes
Inclusion of company logo and links to your website in the IAATI Mobile Seminar App Yes Yes
Advertising on IAATI UK website (includes placement of logo and link to website and link to your company website) 12 months (full page) 6 months (Half page) 3 months (1/4 page)
Complimentary tickets to the Annual Training Seminar 4 3 2
Complimentary tickets to the Seminar Awards Dinner 4 3 2
Exhibitor Booth (Standard trestle table) Yes Yes Yes
Electricity to exhibitor booth Yes Yes Yes
Two free standing banners supplied by you can be displayed at the booth. Yes Yes Yes
Wi-fi Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity to include promotional material in Seminar delegates registration packs Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity for same rates as a supporter for 2019 International Crime Conference, Glasgow, Five day seminar and 4 day expo. NEW Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes