May 2017 Newsletter

… and just before the 2017 conference takes place (quick – book here now before it’s too late), our President manages to produce another newsletter – IAATI Newsletter May 2017.  The tone gets more upbeat as you progress (stick with it) but I do wonder whether the ‘3 P’s’ have come home to roost insofar as vehicle crime is concerned …

  • Priorities
  • Proportionality &
  • Performance indicators

have taken their tool on the resources that can be applied to vehicle crime.  Possibly it is time for the Government to admit ‘it’s over to you, the private sector, because we’re overrun with terrorists, paedophiles, sexual offences, illegal immigrants, gun / knife crime, gangs etc. etc.’

We seen fraud  sent the way of the bean-counters; to make an allegation you now need go online to ActionFraud, fill in the report yourself, receive an auto-generated crime number and wonder whether your crime will be investigated or simply added up for statistical purposes.  The sheer volume of this behind-closed-doors activity and the tools available to undertake the tasks is staggering.

I am not complaining about the situation. Firstly, it would do no good and secondly, the police / government have limited resources and have a point … there’s only so much you can do.  But has vehicle crime always been treated dismissively because … well … you’ve have got to have insurance to own the car so actually it’s not a personal loss (not entirely) and odds on the car’s on finance … and that is provided by another big organisation that, just as supermarkets, probably builds a lump in for ‘leakage’.

So do I get it, that less priorities are associated with vehicle crime?  Yes and no ….

No … because probably 99% of the above mentioned criminal activities are enabled by a vehicle or involve a vehicle in some fashion.

Yes … but if you are not going to apply resources to the crime, do not hamper those who are doing so and take advantage of them, engage with them, take what they have to offer because much of it is virtually if not entirely, free!

As we have automated fraud reports and moved much of the work onto the victim, I guess it’s not long before vehicle theft will be a similar self-reporting facility that will cause data suppliers records to be auto-populated, insurers & financiers to be notified immediately and ANPR used to locate the car if the DVLA does not pick up on clones due to duplicate taxation …

Have fun at the conference, sadly (who am I kidding) I shall be sipping Mojito’s (they count as one of my 5-a-day) abroad with the in-laws who are celebrating at least 1 year more of wedded bliss than my wife is old.  However, assuming the airlines will let me take the laptop with me, having downloaded ‘Windows Creator’ I shall continue to design my version of Robocop … because that’s my idea of automating investigation but then I’m old-fashioned like that.

P. Swift
Membership Secretary

usual caveat – views expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of IAATI


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