2017 Crime Survey

20/07/2017, the ONS (office for National statistics) published its Statistical bulletin: Crime in England and Wales year ending Mar 2017 It appears to have been missed by many. ‘Most categories of theft in the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimates showed an apparent reduction compared with the previous year’s survey but the only statistically significant decreases were in the subcategories of other theft of personal property (16%), other household theft (13%) and vehicle-related theft (10%).’ But page 20 of the report is specific and demonstrates the increase in vehicle crime we have noticed: Theft of Motor-Vehicle is up 19% when compared with 04/2015 to 03/2016.   The reported thefts…


June 2017 President’s Newsletter

Following his recent appointment, please click here to read the newsletter from Mike Briggs our 2017-2018 President.


May 2017 Newsletter

… and just before the 2017 conference takes place (quick – book here now before it’s too late), our President manages to produce another newsletter – IAATI Newsletter May 2017.  The tone gets more upbeat as you progress (stick with it) but I do wonder whether the ‘3 P’s’ have come home to roost insofar as vehicle crime is concerned … Priorities Proportionality & Performance indicators have taken their tool on the resources that can be applied to vehicle crime.  Possibly it is time for the Government to admit ‘it’s over to you, the private sector, because we’re overrun with terrorists, paedophiles, sexual offences, illegal immigrants, gun / knife crime, gangs etc….


MoT’s – accept paper at your peril

MoT Forgeries Following DVSA clarification  used car buyers are urged to check MOT details online – the paper certificate is too susceptible to forgery. Following a clarification by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), we are urging used car buyers to check MOT details online, rather than relying on the paper certificate. In response to a Freedom of Information request the DVSA’s MOT Scheme Management Team confirmed: “…the view of DVSA is that the test certificate is a receipt style certificate and it is the database holds the authorative [sic] record… DVSA advice is that if a customer has concerns to the validity of the certificate or wishes to, they can…


April 2017 Newsletter & Conference Update

Our leader has kindly restricted his newsletter to 6 pages and included the itinerary for this May’s conference – IAATI Newsletter 042017 Vehicle theft is sadly making front-page news as I write. The weekend’s tragedy, the senseless death of Mr Sandwell, appears to have resulted from the determination of those intent on stealing his 66-plate Audi. No specialist equipment appears to have been used to overcome the car’s security, just a blatant disregard for disturbing the occupants the home (likely to be in residence because his car was outside) to get the keys, quite possibly because the potential for confrontation was inconsequential to them. Would you challenge someone willing to…


2017 Vehicle Crime Conference

IAATI International Association of Auto Theft Investigators The IAATI UK 2017 Conference will be the UK’s leading conference discussing ‘Vehicle Crime & Vehicle ‘enabled’ Crime. What – am I likely to learn when I attend? Awareness of vehicle crime methods, vehicle ‘enabled’ crime.  Case studies from the results of our collaboration. Who – will I meet?  Contacts with expertise in all areas of vehicle crime; prevention, detection & prosecution.  Why – attend?  The IAATI UK network pulls together a great variety of individuals from a large cross sector of law enforcement, insurance, finance, private sector, manufacturers to solution makers and industry lobbyists. IAATI UK only deal in vehicle crime. We…

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2017 1st Newsletter

A (few?) words from our President … to read the full pdf newsletter click here Happy New Year folks, I hope you and yours had a fabulous one. Would be good this-end also if it wasn’t for ‘Criminals Do Christmas’ also and vehicle crime/vehicle enabled crime appears ‘off the charts’ from all I’ve seen over the last couple of months. Clones, Disqualified Drivers, Stolen through burglary (likely not featuring in stolen vehicle stats), frosting cases, stolen through Fraud, Escrow Scam Fraud involving vehicles offered for sale. The Bike and Scooter issues have not been lost on me in 2016. Someone killed over a £2K scooter? Same with classics being nicked,…


The Common Denominator

Vehicles: The Common Denominator Vehicle theft is officially on the rise in the UK. The latest British Crime Survey (appendix 1) confirmed that vehicle theft is officially on the rise for the first time in 20 years. The period April 2015 to March 2016 saw an 8% rise, with 80,047 vehicles recorded as stolen in the UK.  Considering there are 38.237 million (38,237,000) vehicles currently taxed and registered in the UK (appendix 2), it would be easy to dismiss these losses as insignificant. Unfortunately, the 80,047 figure, due to the way in which these stats are recorded, provides a completely false picture of the true extent of vehicle theft and…


August 2016 Newsletter

IAATI UK Newsletter – May, June, July and August 2016 (It’s been busy) It has been a few months now since the IAATI 2016 conference and already the event seems a lifetime away. The IAATI UK Board would like to thank all attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for what was a superb event. We have also had some great words from some of our sponsors as feedback (Appx:2) I think all would agree that vehicle crime and vehicle ‘enabled’ crime is increasing. The criminals we are facing now though are not so opportunistic more seriously organised and perpetuating said crimes more frequently on a commercial scale. It was apparent to…


April 2016 Newsletter

Another massively busy month for IAATI UK and lots has been going on. If there is not a current problem with vehicle crime in the UK currently I fail to see how we can all be this busy in dealing with the clear up after the fact? The problems are not just here though, we are hearing more and more from other countries facing very similar issues, many of these are now all being pegged under the banner of ‘electronic compromise’. Throughout April though I have been notified of approx £300,000 of stolen UK vehicles, trouble is all five of these are far from our shores. 4 pulled out of…