Founded in 1982, the Company is unique in its provision of a security marking system that includes registration on a secure database and provision of a 24/7 telephone verification service.  The system deters and detects vehicle crime, helping to identify and combat criminal activities such as cloning and fraudulent insurance claims.  It also provides a secure service for the provision of replacement VIN plates and other critical vehicle parts.

Through our commitment to quality, security and innovation, we have created a highly trusted brand.  We do not sub-contract any of our activities, designing and developing all our products in-house.  Innovation has been the DNA of our organisational culture. We have implemented and improved a range of products and services to provide the most effective marking solutions, including a combined over/covert label and a state of the art portable laser system.

The International Security Register – our non-cloud based secured database, certified to ISO 27001:2013 – enables us to provide accurate and insightful data analytics to law enforcement agencies, as well as to our customers, at a national and global level. Through this system, proven over 35 years, we enable all the key stakeholders – police, government, insurers, vehicle manufacturers, importers and dealers, as well as vehicle owners and members of the public – to cooperate in the fight against vehicle crime.  For instance, our glass marking system, which etches a 7-digit code and the ISR 24/7 phone number into all the windows of a vehicle and is used by the motor industry to protect many well-known brands, provides police with a means by which they can immediately check the status of vehicle seen in suspicious circumstances.

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