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We have a telephone number now for IAATI UK – 0330 331 0175

IAATI UK may have a dedicated phone number moving forward because let’s face it… ‘it’s good to talk’. There is ‘no charge’ to IAATI UK for this telephony service is the deal I’ve been able to achieve. The line will be answered on a 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday basis. It has already proved very useful in a short space of time.

On becoming a Twitter addict from 1st Feb 2016 and following pretty much every force police feed on behalf of IAATI UK all I continually see is…

‘No Tax, No Insurance, Disqualified driver, drugs and a machete found when caught’.

We cannot change the past; we can influence the future both in the UK and internationally.  The lawlessness of UK criminals and the pan-euro migratory ones is astounding.  They are more bold, organised, engaged in more commercial scale operations; responsible for more than the odd car or two going missing.  Ruthless and brazen are two others words that come to mind when considering the criminals I think we all face now.

The UK houses some of the BEST police forces, agencies and tactics for dealing with all manner of crime and law involving vehicles. IAATI has recently acquired members from 2 of the largest lenders and 3 large insurance companies. I’m pleased to have their involvement.

To keep up with the latest technology and you must be ‘smart-phoned up’ to stand a chance in the modern world scenario and the world has changed massively with the introduction of social media. My sister is a doctor in Psychology and mass media ‘the world being given an opinion’ is a subject that fascinates me greatly and we discuss a lot.  Personally I am starting to feel ‘out dated’ in the modern and future world. Call me a dinosaur but I still use a certain type of pen and a ‘Black and Red’ notebook for mostly everything I do regarding work notes. Post it notes pretty much help me get stuff done. I stick these in my notebook until that job is done usually.

Also ‘worth noting’, neither my pen or pad has ever had an ‘internal hard drive error’, caught a virus or been subjected to a Malware attack. I run out of paper, I get more. My ink runs out, I get a new pen… I never get frustrated with the old ways… This technology stuff = RAGE!!!

IAATI UK is’ keeping up with the kids’ (we are learning from them) . I see social media channels as the fastest method of getting a message ‘out there’ to relative audiences’ and IAATI UK is keeping up with said ‘fastest methods’ which also translate as ‘free to use’; why wouldn’t we?

We now have 520 followers (Jan 2017) of IAATI UK feed on Twitter. This is 310 more since the 1st February 2016 when I took over the IAATI UK feed and we had not ‘tweeted’ in two and a half years.(update: 03/02/2017 – 614 followers). For those that know me, limiting ‘ME’ to 140 characters was always going to be a challenge personally.

The platform also informs who is following you so good to know that most if not all of CMPG and RPU teams in the UK are followers. Twitter is certainly the favoured social media platform to engage with the police in the UK I’ve learned. It provides the best anonymity. The irony isn’t lost on me in the days of social media; the police i.e. ‘good guys’ are often concerned to use the media (for all manner of good reasons) whereas criminals have no issues flaunting what they are up to. Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture? A few IAATI members who are/ were law enforcement have highlighted to me previously ‘criminals you’ve locked up find you quicker on Facebook than your best mates do’.

We have 122 members on the IAATI UK Facebook (closed user group) page. Personally I find the IAATI UK FB page massively handy when asked to think of UK car crime cases for presentations etc. Our UK Facebook page is my #1 resource to do this and I would encourage all UK members to consider this resource if you have to present on vehicle crime to any of your respective peers and colleagues some of the articles posted will at least help you set the scene the challenges we all face.

Shame many law enforcement don’t use it as much. It is something I have always loved about working with law enforcement. Simplistic truth about dealing with scumbags.  And said scumbags use social media to and to be honest a lot of the time they are more sophisticated with its functionality than the rest of us!

Apologies, I’ve been chastised for using the ‘scumbags’ term previously but in my defence I use it as it is ‘instantly recognisable’ term by law enforcement and the general masses. Read the chat on the social media posts like I do and sites reporting UK stolen vehicles and you will encounter the description frequently:

Scumbag. noun. a contemptible or objectionable person.a A very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable.

Only set up early 2016 but we host an IAATI UK LinkedIn page. This I see as the Facebook of the business world therefore will help IAATI UK gain sponsors, engage parties and businesses through a more suitable medium. LinkedIn is the platform to accomplish this. 50+ members since IAATI UK set this page up. We have certainly NOT used this platform to its full potential but watch this space as I am going to ensure regular and informative posts are going out between now and May to ensure we meet the 200+ attendees I want at the UK conference.

Justin Powell IAATI UK Pesident