TRACKER is the market leader in vehicle tracking and has been at the forefront of stolen vehicle recovery for over 20 years. Over a million vehicles have been fitted with our tracking units enabling fast recovery in the event of theft.

We offer a range of high tech solutions for stolen vehicle recovery and fleet tracking to customers and businesses across the UK.

TRACKER fleet tracking and telematics products are some of the most advanced in the industry. Our fleet tracking systems are essential business tools designed to be reliable and effective at lowering fleet costs and enabling our customers to develop competitive advantages in their industry..


Only TRACKER uses Very High Frequency technology which continues to work even if thieves use GPS/GSM signal jammers. Our award-winning technology, continued investment in research and development and our highly trained in-house developers are just some of the reasons our customers trust us above other tracking companies.

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The police & TRACKER

TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery products are the only solution supported nationwide by all UK police forces. 1,700 police patrol cars, 30 police helicopters and all major ports are fitted with TRACKER detection equipment and the police recover around £2 million worth of stolen vehicles fitted with TRACKER every month.

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  • All our stolen vehicle recovery products are Thatcham approved to lower insurance premiums. The rigorous Thatcham security testing regime means approved products meet a standard that is considered an international benchmark for crime prevention